Websites for Pre-K


Summary: This is a wonderful site for 4K. Starfall contains activities for letters, letter sounds, and interactive stories. The categories are: ABC's, Learn To Read, It's Fun to Read, I'm Reading. In many of the interactive stories the children can read the words themselves or click the ear button to listen to the sentence. If there is not an ear button then the children can click on a word to hear it. Starfall also has mini games that incorporate some of our themes. The children practice their mouse skills as they build/make different things.

Sesame Street

Summary: This is a fun site for children to practice different skills with their favorite sesame street characters.

My favorite link on this site is Dig for Dinosaurs. I can't wait to use it in my classroom. Grover helps the children learn about fossils and dinosaurs. The children use different tools to dig up fossils then put the bones together to create a dinosaur. The children can then learn facts about the dinosaur. A fun art link is Call it Macaronisaurus. Children can use different shaped noodles and colored glitter glue to make a picture. When finished the child can print their picture. On Bumper cars children have to get a ticket from Oscar the Grouch. To get a ticket children need to find three pictures that start with a specific letter. Then the child can practice mouse control as they hit into other bumper cars. Each time the child wants to play a new game of bumper cars he/she needs to get another ticket from Oscar. The above games can be found on the main website page along with many other great games. You can also click on the top toolbar for additional games. When you click on Muppets then Elmo you can find a counting game. Counting with Elmo is great for counting and 1:1 correspondence. The children practice mouse skills to move and click on each object while counting. When finished the child has to click on the numeral of how many objects he/she counted.

Nick Jr

This is another great site for children to practice different Pre-K skills. The children can click the create tab to draw, color, paint, use spin art and stickers to create art. Some of the games are similar to the characters TV shows. Moose and Zee's What's Different has children choose the picture that is different. When the child clicks on a picture Moose explains why the picture is different from the other two. The best thing is children can play again with new puzzles. In Diego's Snowboard Rescue children have to move the mouse in order to rescue specific animals and can use the space bar to make Diego jump over snow hills. Diego also counts the animals as they are rescued. Play I spy with Ni hao Kai-lan on the way to the Lady bug festival in Lady Bug Festival Adventure. She focuses on colors, size, insects, animals, vegetables, and other objects during the game. In Save the Sea Creatures the Wonder Pets need help saving different sea creatures. The children use the mouse to collect celery and other items while trying to avoid danger as they get to the creature in need. This is a great game for teaching children to click the mouse.

Tree House TV

Summary: This site is similar to PBS kids and Nick Jr. It has familiar characters and the children can practice skills. However, there are not as many games for the children to play. They have a lot of coloring pages that can be printed off and put in the writing center. Diego's Underwater Adventure was a great game. The children need to help moon find all of her pieces that fell in the ocean. Along the way children can click on different animals to put in Diego's field journal. Children learn about animals and practice colors, counting, 1:1 correspondence, largest to smallest, and are able to manipulate the mouse in different ways.

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