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PBS Kids

This is a fun site for children to practice different skills and learn new information. It has many familiar TV characters that will help keep the children engaged. You can also print off coloring pages for each TV show listed. This is a great site for my children to use in the classroom during center time. There are so many great games and activities to keep them having fun while learning.

Super Why helps children identify letters and is great for the beginning stages of reading. Each character has a memory game at different ability levels. You can find the matches of: B, balloon picture with word balloon; B, ball picture; and B, _ed. It also has a Rock and Read Jukebox where you can listen and sing while watching the words being highlighted on the screen.

Dinosaur Train helps children learn about different dinosaurs. In Pteranodon fishing the children can practice their mouse skills by catching the fish that come to the top of the water. After the time limit, the child can help count how many big fish and small fish they caught. In Dino Tracks the children practice patterning as they choose what dinosaur track comes next. How Big Are You helps children with measuring, numbers, counting, learning about dinosaurs, and identifies other animals. The children estimate how long a dinosaur is by using different animals to measure it. Field Guide is great for learning information about dinosaurs. You can click on different dinosaurs to find out how tall they were, what they ate, and many other fascinating facts.

WordWorld helps children with identifying letters and their sounds. Children can click on any of the six characters to find word pictures at each of their homes. Each character also has a mini game at their house. At Dog's letter pit the children listen to the sound of a letter and find the letter that makes that sound to spell a word. Bear uses a skateboard to have children practice their mouse skills as they help him "hit" letters to spell specific words. Children can help Sheep and Duck by catching letters and finding their match. Pig makes pizza and needs the children help to find words that start with a specific letter/sound. Children can practice rhyming with Frog's rhyming machine.