Lesson Plan

Title of Lesson: KidPix (in the computer lab as whole group, each child has own computer)
Date: 1/8/11

Timeframe of Lesson: 1/2 hr
Author(s): Craig Hickman
School District: Medford Elementary School
Campus: Computer Lab
Subject Area(s): Art
Grade Level(s)/Course: Pre-K
State Standard: 4

Subject Specific: Art: Exposure and introduction to KidPix program

Technology Specific: A. Media and Technology
Stated Objective(s)
The child will use creativity and exploration through art to create a picture using at least three of the tools located in the KidPix program.
Procedures for Lesson
The teacher will demonstrate how to use tools found within the KidPix program. After the demonstration the child will have a chance to use the tools. The child will create a picture using at least three tools in the KidPix program as he/she practice mouse skills and explores the program.
Assessment or Evaluation
The teacher will observe each child’s completed picture to see that he/she has used at least three of the tools.
The child will be able to use more than three tools and will have the opportunity to share his/her picture with peers. I will encourage all children to use the text tool to write their name. I will encourage children who know letters and their sounds to add words to their picture. They can sound out three letter words and write it using the text tool.
KidPix software, 19 individual student computers, teacher computer, projector hooked up to teacher computer.
Technology Resources: URLs, Software, # of Computers, Printers, etc…

Other Resources: Book Titles, Art Supplies, Manipulatives, etc….
KidPix, 19 computers, teacher computer, projector.