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iPad App.

SUPER WHY is a wonderful iPad application for young children. The children are able to choose one of four characters to play different letter/word games. Princess Presto's Wands Up Writing Game is my favorite game in Super Why. It helps children practice letter identification, letter sounds, writing, and spelling. Princess Presto says a sound and the children choose what letter makes that sound to spell three letter words. After the children choose the letter, she shows the children how to print the letter and gives them an opportunity to trace it. Alpha Pig's Lickety Letter Hunt is another one of my favorites. The children help Alpha Pig spell words. He tells the children the letter needed and the children find that letter to spell the word. Super Why's Story Saver allows children to complete a story sentence by choosing a word that matches the picture. He then reads the sentence to see if the sentence makes sense and matches the story. Wonder Red's Rhyming Time Game has children find words that rhyme with the word she puts on the screen. As the children play each game they earn stickers. The children can use the stickers to decorate a picture.