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Ms. Adamus' Class

Summary: I really liked Amy's web site because she has many different educational links. I can use many of the links in my classroom with my students to reinforce Pre-K skills.

Preschool Links:
Capital/Lowercase Letter Match focuses on identifying letters. The children paint the lowercase letter the same color as the matching capital letter. Bloople's Colors allows children to learn about colors. The children help the Blooples clean up the room by finding things that are the same color. In Doodle Bugs the children use a paintbrush and paint bucket to color many different bug pictures. The children can use mouse skills to choose a color of paint and then click on a part of the picture. I think my students would like this; however, it would be better if they could hear the color word when clicking on the paint buckets to help reinforce colors. What color is it is a good game for children to identify colors of objects. The downfall is that the game only has about six pictures.

Math Games:
I was excited to see a math game that is appropriate for my mathematically advanced students. Math Fact Fruit Game gives an addition problem and has the children click on the fruit with the correct answer. I love that I can choose the level of the sum to make it age appropriate for my students.

Reading Links:
She has some reading links that would be appropriate for different levels of Pre-K students. Orson's farm rhyming game helps students practice rhyming as they find the item in the barn that rhymes with a object that the farm animal has. Alphabetical order is a game that has children click on the letter that comes next in the alphabet. This is a good way to help children think about the order of the alphabet out of sequence and identify letters. The Hay Loft Game is great because the children hear the parts of the word and then click on the picture that matches the word being blended. The Chicken coop game would be great for my students. The children have to find the word that starts with the same letter as the picture by Roy the rooster. I do letter projects like this in my classroom so it will be a great addition to the lesson for the children to practice this skill on the computer.

Computer Fun:
She listed fun websites that my children can use to practice skills. She has many of the PBS kids websites listed, which is one of my favorite sites for children. I did find a couple new ones including ISpy and Treehousetv. Treehousetv is similar to PBS kids and has a lot of fun things for children to do.

Mr. Joseph Greget

Summary: Joseph Greget, The Director of Special Education in Medford, has a special education and student services blog for our district. He posts special education newsletters and has links that focus on special education services. He also provides information and handouts for conferences. This is a great resource for teachers and parents.

Jason Lammert

Summary: After looking through many blogs, I kept going back to Jason's. Jason's blog is very parent friendly and has class information. The information provided reminds me a lot of my class website. Even though his information doesn't apply to Pre-K, Jason's blog will help me set up my own blog. One of my favorite things about his blog is the tabs at the top of the page. The tabs help Jason provide a lot of information without cluttering his page.